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Feb 2023


Insurer communication is nowhere near where it needs to be

Australia has seen an increase in significant breaches of the general insurance code of practice according to the latest annual report of the General Insurance Code Governance Committee.

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New insurer joins Cyclone Reinsurance Pool

Allianz Australia Insurance has joined the Cyclone Reinsurance Pool as an insurer customer. The pool is run by Sydney-headquartred Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (ARPC).

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Ellie triggers record-breaking floods in WA in December

Ex-tropical cyclone Ellie caused havoc in Western Australia (WA) as it bought heavy rain and damaging wind to the region, cutting off towns, forcing road closures and transforming areas of the landscape into an inland sea.

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Strata insurance premiums continue upwards in 2023

Strata insurance premiums have surged over the last couple of years and it does not look as if they will slow down this year, according to Honan strata state manager for Queensland Chris Glass.

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