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Mar 2023

Closing the insurance gap for women

Supporting women's need for cover

Like many emerging economies, Thailand has an untapped market when it comes to insurance for women.

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A 360-degree insurance product for women

Launched in 2014, Nibedita, a female-centric product has been a game changer in the insurance market in Bangladesh.

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Indian insurance products for women

It goes to the credit of the Indian insurance industry that it has always been a gender-sensitive industry, whether for insurance products or for employing women.

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Cambodia: Women's health impacts the country

It is not often discussed, but the health of women impacts the health of the country.

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Women need an environment that nurtures

An environment that encourages constant upskilling and provides ample learning opportunities should be the defining feature of the Indian insurance industry.

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Philippines: Studies required to improve premiums for women

Insurance policies for women is a new concept in the Philippines. More research on women’s health and lifestyles in the country is required to develop gender-specific policies.

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Australia: Menopause-related risk needs to be addressed

We look at the impact menopause has on women’s health and financials, based on findings about the issues facing women in Australia.

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