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Apr 2023



Reports of the death of InsurTech are greatly exaggerated

The big question is whether 13 years after the birth of InsurTech the insurance sector has adapted to the quirky ways of headstrong start-ups or whether nothing has really changed.

Where do InsurTechs go from here?

InsurTechs have had a successful and awe-inspiring run over the last decade. The year 2022 was, however, not kind to the sector with funding down by at least 50% compared to 2021.

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InsurTech needs to evolve with generations

Tech-savvy millennials and GenZ are catalysing an insurance ecosystem that requires intense collaboration between legacy insurers and InsurTech.

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InsurTechs need to be laser focused

Over the years InsurTechs have gained traction with on-demand and niche coverage but in future they will need to get laser focused as investment and funding become scarer.

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InsurTechs in for a tough time

Following a decade of rapid growth, InsurTechs hit rough weather in 2022. Inflation, geo-political conditions and recession have caused turbulence and impacted valuation and growth.

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Has InsurTech lived up to the hype?

Over the last 10 years or so, InsurTech has made itself a mainstay in insurance thought leadership – always on everyone’s lips and frequently receiving top billing at industry events.

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Insurers and InsurTechs can combine their strengths

Traditional insurers and InsurTechs have their own strengths, which if combined, can serve the customer well.

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InsurTech funding goes through cycles

Zuno General Insurance’s Ms Shanai Ghosh spoke with Asia Insurance Review about how the success of InsurTechs depends on their specific goals, capabilities and market conditions.



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InsurTechs must show profitability amid shrinking investments

Investors have become more cautious of funding InsurTechs amid significant declines in share prices in the global stock markets.

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The InsurTech solution

Post-COVID, with so many insurers already deep into their digital development, the unique offerings of InsurTech have become more commonplace.

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InsurTechs are integral to insurance

Over the last decade, technology has transformed the traditional insurance industry. InsurTechs have now become an integral part of the industry.

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Emerging trade credit and marine risks in 2023

More businesses are becoming insolvent, putting pressure on trade credit risks. The marine industry will also need to keep up with emerging causes of fires.

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Insurers begin experimenting with generative AI

The advent of ChatGPT has highlighted the ability of generative AI to push out new content. Insurers are already experimenting with the new technology to find out how it can be used.

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Third-party tools pose major cyber insurance risk

Cyber insurers have become more cautious in making sure businesses have put safeguards in place to protect themselves before providing coverage. Open-source tools and third-party software vendors may also pose significant vulnerabilities.

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New rules of court for liability insurance

The new rules for legal proceedings in Singapore favour settlements and speed up the litigation process, which can be a double-edged sword for liability insurance.

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View from India - ESG and insurers

ESG issues are gradually acquiring due importance in the insurance industry.

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Life & health

Healthtech: New innovations, new risks

Innovations in healthcare and medical technology are coming to market faster than ever before. There are, however, new risks that come with them.

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Employers must address Gen Z's poor mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected mental health of employees across the world, and the youngest workers are suffering the most. Asia Insurance Review takes a look at the latest survey that explores the reasons and possible solutions.

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