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Sep 2023



How reinsurance can advance agriculture insurance

With the increasing unpredictability and severity of the weather, agriculture across the world has become fraught with risks. Old solutions have become unfeasible and current solutions do not provide enough protection.

Crop insurance and climate-resilient agriculture

Climate-change-induced extreme events are becoming more frequent and more catastrophic. The deleterious impacts of these events is more pronounced on the agriculture sector across the world.

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View from India - Technology and crop insurance can mitigate climate-change impact

While the insurance industry and Indian government are putting in efforts to support the country’s agriculture sector from the vagaries of climate change, technology is perhaps the best solution in the present circumstances.

InsurTech aids agriculture sector across Asia

With growing populations, increasing food prices and natural calamities, Asia’s agricultural sector faces a raft of challenge and InsurTech is rising to the occasion.

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Agriculture insurance penetration remains low in Thailand

Could the introduction of durian insurance in Thailand help close the protection gap?

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Reinsurers hesitant to protect Japanese farmers from earthquakes

Japan’s exposure to frequent earthquakes has made it difficult for private insurers to offer agriculture products as reinsurers are hesitant to provide capacity for such risks.

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Protection for Sri Lanka's shrimp aquaculture industry

From small beginnings in the 1970s, Sri Lanka’s shrimp aquaculture industry has grown into a major contributor to the country’s economy.

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Pet insurance growth in Singapore and Malaysia

Pet insurance was first introduced in Singapore in 2000 and in Malaysia more recently, but it only gained mainstream recognition and growth in both countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A crisis of cyber insurance talent

Cyber security is ranked among the top three risks by all enterprises. Yet, the Indian insurance industry lacks dedicated cyber professionals to underwrite cyber risks and also guide insureds in matters of cyber security risk management.

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