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Sep 2023

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Adjusting attitudes and mindsets about disability

Insurers are always on the search for more talent. Recruitment has become increasingly competitive, with potential employees across Asia able to select their employer.

A champion for diversity and inclusion

Green Delta Insurance’s Ms Farzanah Chowdhury has been a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion in Bangladesh.

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A roadmap to achieve balanced DEI in India

As companies embrace technology and transform their working environment to become more flexible, will it make things more equitable for women in the insurance industry?

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Gender diversity still a challenge for Australia

The Australian insurance industry is at the forefront of diversity, equity and inclusion and it is setting an example for other industries around the world. However, persistent challenges remain.

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Asia: Insurers continue pursuit of DEI

Since the inaugural Business Insurance Diversity and Inclusion Institute Leadership Conference in 2016, insurers in Asia have been taking steps to address issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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