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Mar 2024



Australia: Actuaries support shift in superannuation policy focus to retirement

The Actuaries Institute has identified barriers that must be overcome as the focus of superannuation policy development moves more strongly to support Australians in their retirement.

Bangladesh: Insurance sector may see liquidations and mergers

Singapore: MAS proposes to reduce customer info collected for some insurance products

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published a consultation paper to seek feedback on proposals to reduce the amount of information collected by financial institutions from their clients for selected insurance policies, when recommendations are made based on the Basic Financial Planning Guide (Guide).

South Korea: Affluent turn to insurance overseas, particularly HK

Asia: Japanese insurers rank among the top globally in environmental leadership

Pacific: Property rates stay flat in 4Q2023, for first time in 26 quarters


New code of conduct for insurance market using AI

A new code of conduct for the insurance industry for using AI has been put in place. Created by a collaborative group of 127 experts, the new initiative aims to establish and uphold “the highest standards of behaviour and ethical responsibility” when planning, designing, or utilising AI in the management and settlement of insurance claims.

Insurers must adapt to energy transition

The insurance industry runs the risk of disappearing if it does not adapt to climate change and the ESG agenda according to risk managers.

India: Self-reporting of mental health disorders less than 1%

A recent study has revealed concerning trends in reporting mental disorders in India. Self-reporting rates for mental health problems were found to be remarkably low.

Deepfake fraud and deglobalisation among new insurance risks

AI generated deepfake images offered as evidence in support of a fraudulent claim and deglobalisation are among the new kinds of risks that insurers will face moving ahead according to a new risks forecast study for the insurance industry.

Bottled water contains more plastic particles than previously estimated

A typical one-litre bottle of water contains some 240,000 plastic fragments on average according to a new study.

Cyber insurance market growing dramatically

Triple-I’s latest edition of Cyber Insurance: State of the Risk said two primary factors may be at work in developing this trend.