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May 2024

Market Profile


Thought leadership and teaching soft skills in insurance

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance has been firmly entrenched as a core part of the APAC insurance landscape for many years, providing education, training and professional development.

Life insurers focus on being customer friendly

Council of Australian Life Insurers’ Ms Christine Cupitt spoke to Asia Insurance Review about a range of issues impacting the life sector.

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Australians facing a tough winter

Australian citizens have been dealing with terrible weather and the knock-on effects of climate change, a situation that is not helped by a lack of affordable insurance.

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Renewable energy in Australia: A most promising sector with unique insurance challenges

Australia has immense potential to be a leader in the renewable energy industry as it is a powerhouse for solar, wind and hydro. However, as the industry grows and technology rapidly advances, so do the associated risks.

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Reinsurers upbeat with improved profitability

After many years, the Australian reinsurance market has seen a return to profitability but challenges remain from rising claims, mostly from increased weather-related events.

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Australian regulatory bodies face unrelenting change

Australian regulatory terrain remains turbulent and challenging, with the pace of enforcement and reform unabated and further generational regulatory change imminent.

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Tech enables insurer profitability amid higher claims

To maintain profitability, Australian insurers have turned to technology that includes satellite imagery and predictive modelling.

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