Oct 2019

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The importance of product design in life reinsurance


The growth drivers and pitfalls facing life reinsurers are quite unique. We spoke to Pacific Life Re’s Andrew Gill about the good, the bad and the tricky.

China's health insurance: A blue ocean strategy?


China’s health insurance market is highly competitive and the battle for market share is as intense as ever. The good thing is that market participants in China have never stopped looking for answers and trying out new and innovative business...

Adjusting investments with new solvency rules


Insurers in Asia may increasingly look towards alternative asset classes in the years to come.

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  • Magazine article aboutEditor-s-Message

    Editor's Message

    We survived September with great volatility and chaos on a daily basis, be it climate, geopolitical, trade or markets related or just wondering what is next in technology and disruption.




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  • Magazine article aboutKeeping-up-with-the-new-world

    Keeping up with the new world

    Consistent growth in Indonesia’s economy and insurance markets has served the nation’s insurers well but increased regulatory oversight and an increasingly digital population demand that companies adjust.

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  • Strengthening portfolios amid slow market growth

    The life insurance market in Indonesia experienced a slowdown in 2018, which continued through the first quarter of this year. However, there is still optimism that things will improve.

  • Shariah business: The spin-off dilemma

    Indonesia is unique amongst Asian countries selling Islamic insurance or shariah business, seeing it is the only country left in Asia where shariah business operates as a ‘window’ within a conventional insurance company.





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  • Magazine article aboutVitality-helps-persistency

    Vitality helps persistency

    AIA is a ubiquitous brand throughout Asia but really only became a household name in Australia after the life insurer bought CMLA - and Sovereign in New Zealand - from CBA. We spoke to the head of AIA Australia Damien Mu to find out how the market...

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  • Defamation capital of the world

    Insurers in Australia would do well to pay close attention to some recent high-profile defamation cases where a sharp increase in damages amounts awarded could see insurance capacity shrink. We spoke to Victorian barrister David Gilbertson QC about...

  • More insurance winners from Australia

    A celebration of the winners of the Australian Insurance Industry Awards 2019.