Feb 2020

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Regulator's wish list


The insurance landscape in the Philippines is an interesting one with 86 players in the primary market serving a population of 105m – suggesting that some consolidation might be in order. The regulator has big plans for the future.

Climate change a growing concern at year-end renewals


The ability accurately to assess climate change was a major consideration among reinsurers at the recent renewals, with model credibility coming into question.

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WeSure: Not just an insurance connector


WeSure CEO Alan Lau explains that the platform is not just an insurance ‘connector’ that helps pool existing resources from insurance, medical and financial industries, it also participates in areas like product modification and lowering...

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  • Magazine article aboutEditor-s-Message

    Editor's Message

    It is February and we are still celebrating despite the grave natural disasters, trade spats and political tensions around us. Such is the power of the indomitable positive human spirit that thrives to be happy and progress no matter how tough the...


Life & health



  • Magazine article aboutIdentifying-risks-securing-success

    Identifying risks, securing success

    Companies and tradespeople underestimate the dangers of damage in their own companies. ERGO Versicherung’s Christopher Krahforst offers a case study from Germany which shows that with business contents insurance, financial risks and losses can...

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Country Profile


  • Magazine article aboutNon-life-market-on-brink-of-consolidation

    Non-life market on brink of consolidation

    Discussions are underway to form a catastrophe insurance pool in the Philippines, while the latest increase in minimum capital requirement is likely to trigger the next wave of market consolidation for the Philippines’ non-life sector.

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  • Focus on traditional reinsurance

    The Philippines national reinsurer, Nat Re, faces the same challenges as it peers – low interest rates, increasing regulation and Nat CAT – but still manages to come out smiling.

  • Charting new frontiers

    The Insurance Commission has been, for a long time, an important player in every Filipino’s pursuit of financial security. It shall remain an integral part of the equation for the coming years.


  • Magazine article aboutWeSure-Not-just-an-insurance-connector

    WeSure: Not just an insurance connector

    WeSure CEO Alan Lau explains that the platform is not just an insurance ‘connector’ that helps pool existing resources from insurance, medical and financial industries, it also participates in areas like product modification and lowering...

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  • China prepares for the 'silver' tsunami

    China’s insurance regulator has initiated steps to put in place a durable insurance-protection strategy for its rapidly ageing population so that the country is prepared for the ‘silver’ tsunami.


  • Magazine article aboutActuaries-in-a-digital-age

    Actuaries in a digital age

    The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Tan Suee Chieh discusses how actuaries can reinvent themselves and apply the core skills of the profession across different jobs – some of which may not even have been invented yet.

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  • Uncovering the truth: Shortage of talent

    The insurance industry has been rife with talk of talent shortage, particularly when it comes to skilled actuaries. The question is why is there a shortage? We spoke to some experts to find some answers.


  • Magazine article aboutThe-bias-in-AI-algorithms

    The bias in AI algorithms

    AI is heralded as a core part of the insurance industry’s future, although accusations of racial and gender biases have been levelled at it on a number of occasions. Recent research has attempted to understand this issue better.

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  • Creating a chain of trust

    In 2019, blockchain became a lot more popular within the industry, with many insurers using it to improve security and lower costs.


Diversity and inclusion

  • Magazine article aboutPrepared-to-speak-up

    Prepared to speak up

    From banking to insurance, Ms Barbara Scalzi has had a successful career in traditionally male-dominated sectors. We get her input on the topic of diversity and inclusion.


  • Magazine article aboutTrading-in-the-digital-space

    Trading in the digital space

    We spoke to Global eTrade Services’ Chong Kok Keong, about CALISTA Finance; a tool to allow SMEs to close the finance gap. It could also have a substantial impact on cargo insurance in Asia.

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    Revealing insights from insurance industry leaders in Asia.



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Letter from the Editor

  • Magazine article aboutWhat-s-in-a-name-

    What's in a name?

    There was a time, not so long ago, when people would talk about illness – and health insurers would sell policies to protect people against the cost of falling ill.