Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

Dec 2022

Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

Reinsurers reconnected


There can be little doubt that the Singapore International Reinsurance Conference has become one of the most essential events in the calendar of many global industry professionals.

Inside Malaysia's five-year insurance regulation framework


Earlier this year, Malaysia published its Financial Sector Blueprint 2022-2026, outlining the country’s strategy for financial sector development over the next few years.

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Pressure to address pricing globally


Guy Carpenter’s Mr David Priebe spoke to Asia Insurance Review about the year ahead in APAC, the impending renewals – and what brokers need to do in order to remain relevant in a fast-changing world.

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  • Magazine article aboutNo-one-said-it-was-going-to-be-easy

    No one said it was going to be easy

    As most readers will know, last month saw the annual Asia Insurance Industry Awards take place in Singapore. The chance to get together for an in-person industry event was warmly welcomed by the many hundreds of people who came along for the...

The insurance world in 2023

  • Magazine article aboutUnderstanding-emerging-risks

    Understanding emerging risks

    We expect the challenging market environment, defined by economic volatility, the war in Ukraine and geopolitical crisis, heightened cyber risks as well as natural catastrophes such as floods in Australia and the Philippines, to persist into 2023.

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  • Sustainable business growth for life insurers

    In the APAC region, the insurance industry has seen an increase in demand for insurance products as individuals rethink their health and financial plans amid growing health-related concerns and financial vulnerability.

  • A focus on health

    Currently we are seeing a somewhat mixed economic sentiment for 2023 given concerns over inflation and rising interest rates.




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  • Victory lap

    Winners of the 26th Asia Insurance Industry Awards share their thoughts on their accolades and what it means for the future of their company.

  • Personalising the insurance experience

    Singapore’s Income says it is changing the digital landscape of the domestic market with a focus on serving all consumer segments.




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