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  • RM Vishakha: Balancing gender imbalance

    Gender and diversity is an intricate and nuanced matter for business and HR leaders to be mindful about. Specifically, in the context of the Indian insurance landscape, the key themes centre on creation of organic considerations for women across versatile job profiles, inclusion of the differently-abled, and monitoring synergies across generations.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jan 2018
  • GIC Re: Underwriting its future

    2017 was an eventful year for GIC Re. In an interview with Asia Insurance Review, Mrs Alice G Vaidyan, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, GIC Re, assesses their achievements during the year and their plans for the years ahead.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jan 2018
  • South Korea: Regulator to scrutinise management appointment process

    The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) will examine the appointment processes at major financial holding companies, amid criticism that some current chairmen were extending their rule to second and third terms by using procedural loopholes.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jan 2018
  • Creating an ecosystem of engagement

    Newly-minted ReMark International CEO Na Jia elaborates on the dominant challenge currently facing the life industry and shares how insurers need to adapt in order to thrive.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Asia: More than 750 delegates have registered for SIRC

    As Monte Carlo ends, it is time to plan for the 14th Singapore International Reinsurance Convention (SIRC) billed as the Asian Monte Carlo where 750 delegates from 41 countries have registered. The event is well supported by the industry with 18 sponsors and some 125 private meeting rooms or tables booked.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Asia: "Insuring an auspicious start to the winning side of 2018"

    The foreign exchange reserves of major Asian economies have never been stronger. Yield hungry investors are chasing the attractive Asian combo of robust economic growth and still generous yields. The prospects of further liberalisation of economy in the region is further catalysing the investment scenario in Asia. This is despite the Fed-rates inching up gradually in recent times. Leading economists attribute this record surge in foreign exchange reserves on the back of sizeable investments, to the resilience and promise of the Asian economies.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Singapore: Old-timer OAC adopts Great Eastern name

    Singapore’s pioneer non-life insurer, OAC, marks a new chapter with rebranding as parent company Great Eastern looks to further build its general insurance business.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Disrupting the CIO

    The role of the Chief Information Officer was brought into question at Asia Insurance Review’s 6th CIO Technology Summit. He now needs to be an instigator, an integrator and an innovator.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • People on the move

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Engineering first

    Commercial and industrial property insurer FM Global’s approach to business is different, says Mr David Johnson, newly-appointed Vice President, Regional Manager, Asia. Not only is it a mutual company for close to two centuries, in business, it is also very much focused on loss prevention engineering backed by science.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Helping clients to grow in profitable areas

    In the digital world, many intermediaries face a bleak future and so they would have to reinvent themselves. While reinsurance brokers have a professional and important role to play in the industry, they are not immune to the changes around them. We speak with Mr Tony Gallagher, recently appointed CEO of Guy Carpenter’s Asia Pacific region, about its growth in the retrocession business, what its clients want, its plan for technology innovation and market outlook.

    Source : AIR | 01 Oct 2017
  • Willis Re: Future-proofing business and society

    Amid a rapidly changing and increasingly volatile world, Willis Re International Chairman James Vickers tells Asia Insurance Review what he figures are the dominant trends to play out, as well as why regulators and industry should not lose sight of the meaning and value of global reinsurance.

    Source : AIR | 01 Nov 2017
  • Insurance behemoth rolls with the times

    Chinese giant Ping An Group is synonymous with innovation and progress in the industry. In this exclusive, Executive Vice President and Chief Insurance Business Officer Lee Yuansiong shares tips on blazing the innovation trail.

    Source : AIR | 01 Nov 2017
  • AIA: For the greater good

    Asia Insurance Review catches up with AIA Group Chief Executive Ng Keng Hooi in Hong Kong, where he shares the importance of a strong team and doing the right thing for the greater good. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Nov 2017
  • Reinsurance renewals - It's about sustainability, not "payback"

    Industry players have mostly managed to cruise along amid a tough investment climate and excess capacity, thanks to benign loss activity over the past several years. But Allianz Re CEO Amer Ahmed says changes are due, particularly in pricing, if the reinsurance market is to survive.

    Source : AIR | 01 Dec 2017
  • China: Insurance and financial industry regulation set to be discussed by lawmakers

    Tighter supervision and continued risk prevention in the Chinese insurance industry are expected to be emphasised at the annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the national legislature which will convene on 5 March.

    Source : AIR | 01 Mar 2018
  • The road to making history

    We speak with Mr Joe Cheng, CEO of Group Agency Distribution, AIA Group, to find out the secret to the group’s continued success in producing top performing agents and why the industry needs to come together to salute excellence through platforms such as the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards organised by Asia Insurance Review and Asia Advisers Network. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Apr 2018
  • Asia: CFOs need to be nimble and data-driven

    The ability to adapt to the unexpected quickly and seamlessly is a major priority for today’s financial executives. In order to adjust course, decision makers must have a top-down perspective that makes it easy to account for every variable and hence be nimble and flexible. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Apr 2018
  • Marketing at the forefront of revenue generation

    One year into his role as group chief marketing officer of AIA, Stuart Spencer discusses the change he is driving and the impact the group’s major initiatives have had.

    Source : AIR | 01 May 2018
  • Business drivers of the future

    For CFOs to provide clear, concise and timely insights that support business growth while managing the traditional regulatory and compliance roles, they need the right infrastructure and resources. Ms Janine Donelly and Mr Phil Gough of EY discuss how CFOs and insurers can work to get these in place. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Jun 2017
  • CIOs and the opportunities ahead

    The responsibilities of CIOs are multiplying but there is a talent void in the cybersecurity industry in Singapore. Mr Cheong Wai Hon of Tokio Marine Life addresses this pertinent challenge. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Jun 2017
  • Prudential to accelerate growth in Asia

    Asia Insurance Review speaks to Prudential Corporation Asia chief executive Nic Nicandrou on his plans to take the business forward after the landmark announcement earlier this year to split up the 170-year old British insurer.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jun 2018
  • Execution trumps ideas

    The ability to prioritise and provide the right culture to bring good ideas to fruition is what separates winners from the competition, according to Muang Thai Life Assurance president and CEO Sara Lamsam.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jun 2018
  • Committed to diversity

    A scathing report by Bloomberg a few weeks ago about the existence of an ‘old boys club’ in Lloyd’s of London showed that we still have a long way to go when it comes to diversity and equality. 
    Guy Carpenter logo

    Source : AIR | 01 Jun 2019
  • Great power, greater responsibilities

    Speakers at the 11th Asian Insurance CFO Summit highlighted the rapidly-expanding scope of insurance CFOs’ and finance teams in the last few years, especially in the light of the IFRS 17 finalised in May 2017. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2017
  • Straight-through winning

    Although bancassurance remains a compelling proposition for both insurers and banks, it is not cushioned from the impact of disruptive technology that is buffeting the industry. Here are key takeaways from the 18th Asia Conference on Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution Channels.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2017
  • Insurance CFOs' challenge - Maximising technology for business

    Moore Stephens Advisory Services Managing Director Patrick Rozario reflects on the 11th Asian Insurance CFO Summit 2017, and says there is now a clear demand and wish for a greater degree of interface across both the transactional and back-office operations.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2017
  • Blurred lines: Cyber insurance and the risks that come with it

    Cyber risks are everywhere as the world becomes more digitalised. Ms Cecilia Chang of GC&C Asia says while traditional policies may cover some cyber risks, there are serious gaps in that cover. A comprehensive cyber insurance solution is needed in such cases. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2017
  • Insurance technology trends and success factors for business transformation

    Mr Daniel Angelucci of DXC Technology explains the two trends that will shape insurance technology and insurance companies for the next few years. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2017
  • Building a workforce for the future

    Insurers will need to chart their course carefully to navigate through the current talent gap in their quest to transform into an organisation that can excel in future.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2018
  • Taiwan responds to changing demographics and tech

    Cathay Life Insurance senior vice president Chen Shi-Chieh provides some first-hand insights on a market that has one of the highest insurance penetration rates in the world.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2018
  • Could some Asian cities end up underwater soon?

    Several Asian coastal cities face the twin threats of rising sea levels and land subsidence due to over-exploitation of groundwater. Plans are afoot to relocate fast-sinking cities like Jakarta.

    Source : AIR | 01 Jul 2019
  • MSIG: Speed in the hour of need

    MSIG Asia CEO Alan Wilson says helping customers when they are most vulnerable is key and is what runs through the insurer’s DNA. He explains how the company’s latest digital initiative promises haste in its claims service, so its insureds may be relieved of unnecessary stress in the wake of an accident.

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • The CEO's guide: Leading the digital transformation

    We bring you the crucial tips that every CEO today should have to successfully implement digital change as suggested by the Boston Consulting Group.

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Asia: Next EAIC set for May 2018

    The EAIC Executive Board has set the dates for the 29th East Asian Insurance Congress to be from 6-9 May 2018 in Manila, in summer rather than in the traditional fall period. The decision was made at a board meeting in Manila last month.

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Asia: CIOs to forge ahead on InsurTech battleground

    The rise of InsurTech has led insurers to change their approach to managing business. The large incumbents face competition from startups springing up across the globe, and need to decide whether to accept them as partners or rivals. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Asia: SMART pensions for ageing populations

    The pensions industry is facing a massive challenge. Across Asia, populations are ageing as genetics and technology add years of life, and emphasis is placed on their healthcare. Regulators are cognisant that the pension schemes of yesteryear are no longer sustainable and need to be overhauled. At the same time, affluence has created a higher demand for sophisticated retirement planning and solutions. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Over 50 finalists in Australian Insurance Industry Awards

    More than 50 impressive nominees have been selected as finalists for the 2017 Australian Insurance Industry Awards, organised by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) and founding partner, Asia Insurance Review.

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Malaysia: Takaful sector to consolidate due to regulatory pressures

    Regulatory pressures will drive sector consolidation in Malaysia in the short term, said Fitch Ratings. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Businesses need to prepare for full costs of cyber attacks: Lloyd's

    Businesses could face a much higher bill than they expect or are prepared for after falling victim to a cyber-attack, according to new research from Lloyd’s. 

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Automation Insurance: Threat or Opportunity?

    The future is becoming less predictable every day. If insurers want to stay relevant to tomorrow’s needs, Mr Benjamin Pring of Cognizant says they must build agility into everything.

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Changing the cyber game in Singapore

    The recent launch of Delta Insurance Singapore, a sister company to Delta Insurance New Zealand, introduced the first cyber, technology and financial lines Lloyd’s Coverholder in the country. We sit down with Mr Eugene Cheong, its Managing Director, to find out more about its tech focus and unique approach to cyber insurance.

    Source : AIR | 01 Aug 2017
  • Milli Re: Staying stable through the years

    Since opening their sole international branch in Singapore 10 years ago, Turkish national reinsurer Milli Re has been doing good business across Asia Pacific. Mr Chew Kwok Choong, CEO, gives us his insight on the markets in Asia, and Milli Re’s plans moving forward.

    Source : AIR | 01 Sep 2017
  • Are you ready for the insurance world of 2025?

    More insurers are recognising the importance of cognitive technology. But what are the five basic questions to be asked before starting this journey? Mr Kenny Hay of IBM ASEAN offers the answers.

    Source : AIR | 01 Sep 2017
  • Interview with the Regulator: Reducing the protection gap

    Addressing the protection gap will continue to be a key focus area for Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), says Mr Yoon Yew Khuen, Director of Insurance Development, in an exclusive interview with Asia Insurance Review where he stresses the need to bring to the market products and services that increase the affordability and accessibility of insurance. Engaging customers and enhancing their experiences are also key to boosting insurance.

    Source : AIR | 01 Sep 2017
  • Asia readies for a 'silver' tsunami

    As Asia’s elderly population, (re)insurers in Asia address the healthcare needs of their ‘silver’ customers. How is the industry helping with ‘healthy ageing’.

    Source : AIR | 01 Sep 2018