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May 2024

Milliman Asia Papers

Bracing for rising tides: Mitigating imminent flood risks

By Cheng Xin YapTharan Ganesan, and Tananya Santipinyolert

Recent floods in major cities around Southeast Asia and other parts of the world have reopened the conversation on flood coverage in insurance products. This year alone Malaysia, Pakistan, and South Korea have all witnessed the worst floods to hit their shores in decades. As it stands, it is estimated that only 18% of all economic losses from floods in the past decade were insured.

Unleashing your data's real potential

A specially curated webinar led by Milliman US-based data analytics specialists

Actuarial Outsourcing: A viable solution for your talent/skills shortage?

Well-managed actuarial outsourcing offers a viable solution to meet the increasing demand for actuarial resources

By Subhash Khanna and Shamit Gupta

"New normal" travel insurance: ASEAN in the post-COVID-19 era

No insurance product has been as adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as travel insurance. Travel and social restrictions both within and without countries were introduced and are still in force in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. With the lack of travel came a precipitous drop in travel insurance premium volumes. However, global vaccination rollouts have provided a glimmer of hope for worldwide travel, sparking a conversation on the evolution of travel insurance in a post-pandemic world. In this brief article Milliman consultants explore how ASEAN countries have been gradually opening up their borders, along with the progress shown by insurers in the region to adapt to the evolving situation and its repercussions for the travel insurance products of tomorrow.

How product recommendation systems are helping insurers.

Over the past two decades our lives have been transformed by the information-rich Internet. At the hearts of digital giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb and Netflix we often find some ranking and filtering algorithms that use customer attributes to improve and customize predictions.

Understanding HRA screening and the use of wearable devices

By Lalit Baveja, Principal and Senior Healthcare Management Consultant, Milliman

Milliman Fulfillment Ratio Index for reporting year 2019: Actual versus illustrated non-guaranteed benefits in Hong Kong

Last year, Milliman developed a Hong Kong fulfillment ratio index to understand the gap between illustrated non-guaranteed benefits at point of sale and actual non-guaranteed benefits declared by life insurance companies in Hong Kong.

Insurers across Asia report double-digit embedded value growth through 2019

Milliman’s annual study on reported year-end 2019 embedded value (EV) and value of new business (VNB) results for 53 major multinational and domestic life insurers across Asia was released in August 2020. 

Medical inflation and health insurance products in India: Current practices and the way forward

Medical inflation is a key driver of health insurance costs which in turn lead to premium increases. Health insurance companies are continuously looking for ways to manage medical inflation better to keep premiums competitive for customers and to mitigate lapses.

New Milliman report: Life insurance capital regimes in Asia, 2nd edition

The first edition of Milliman’s Life insurance capital regimes in Asia: Comparative analysis and implications report was published in July 2019. Well received by the market, as the first of its kind, the report has been referred to and cited several times over the last year. In view of the pace of change in, and increasing focus on, regulatory (and economic) capital across the region, Milliman has compiled an updated report a year later.

Indonesia: Companies to reassess the impact of spinning-off Syariah windows following recent regulatory updates

In Indonesia, insurance compliant with Syariah principles can be sold through either a Syariah business unit or “window” of a conventional insurance company or, less commonly, through a standalone Syariah insurance company. Insurance Law 40, enacted in 2014, mandates insurance companies to separate their Syariah windows from their conventional business into a separate entity, to “spin-off,” when:


Philippines: Highly developed microinsurance market; 90% respondents rate microinsurance as very important

Milliman releases first-of-a-kind global life insurance/reinsurance actuarial outsourcing survey

Insurers and reinsurers have been outsourcing actuarial work to captive units or third-party service providers for several years. Recently the industry has witnessed renewed interest in actuarial outsourcing, with an increasing number of companies either setting up new outsourcing units or expanding their existing ones. This trend is especially true for life insurance companies, especially in light of increasing regulatory and reporting requirements, including International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 17, long-duration contracts targeted improvements (LDTI), and new risk-based capital regimes in Asia