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  • Asset-liability mismatch still a concern

    Some life insurers in China still do not appreciate the seriousness of the issue of asset-liability mismatching, despite frequent warnings from the regulator about the gap, according to Mr Jia Biao, deputy director of the Life Insurance Department of the CBIRC.

    China | 06 Dec 2019
  • Taiwan: Mandatory insurance for Uber Eats, Foodpanda drivers

    Taiwan's Ministry of Labour (MOL) has reacted to the death of two delivery drivers from Uber Eats and Foodpanda in traffic accidents by telling food delivery companies they must compulsorily insure their delivery drivers during working hours, reported the Central News Agency. This will require these companies to purchase both personal insurance and non-life insurance for their drivers.

    Asia | 05 Dec 2019
  • As Great Barrier Reef deteriorates, risk management is vital for building up resilience

    The condition of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is so dire it should be insured for its economic value, according to a new report 'Great Barrier Reef Queensland, Australia.'

    Asia Risk | 04 Dec 2019
  • Chinese fear climate change the most and Americans the least

    The level of concern about climate change is perhaps the highest in China and the least in the United States with Europe in-between.

    Asia Risk | 04 Dec 2019
  • EBA sets out ICT and security risk management guidelines

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) published its final Guidelines on ICT and security risk management. These Guidelines establish requirements for credit institutions, investment firms and payment service providers (PSPs) on the mitigation and management of their information and communication technology (ICT) and security risks and aim to ensure a consistent and robust approach across the EU market.

    Asia Risk | 04 Dec 2019
  • Increased social unrest is testing the limits of political risk models

    A wave of social unrest across developing countries this year has caught many investors off-guard and is challenging models designed to gauge political risk for investors, prompting some to pull money out.

    Asia Risk | 04 Dec 2019
  • France to stress test banks and insurers' climate risks beginning 2020

    Banks and insurance companies in France will be subjected to climate change stress tests beginning 2020.

    Asia Risk | 04 Dec 2019
  • Risk mapping and shock absorption: Denis Kessler

    Reinsurance as a role-playing game? This may not be such a daft concept - and is not far removed from the process used by at least one global reinsurer.

    AIRPlus | 03 Dec 2019
  • Japan compels cyclists and bike rental companies to buy liability insurance

    Japan is seeing increased use of bicycles amidst a national fitness boom, although it has led to more accidents, serious injuries and even deaths. A series of court rulings have ordered substantial pay-outs when pedestrians get killed or are seriously injured in accidents and insurance plays a significant role in helping bicycle users shoulder such financial costs.

    Asia | 02 Dec 2019
  • The risk explosion, according to Denis Kessler

    Societies develop, risks expand - and that's why we need smart reinsurers. So said SCOR chairman and CEO Denis Kessler to Asia Insurance Review in a recent conversation.

    AIRPlus | 02 Dec 2019

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