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  • First insurance to cover extreme risks for Chinese tourists debuts

    As the number of Chinese tourists travelling overseas continues to grow, there has also been an increase in travel-related risks facing these tourists such as accidental injuries, trip disruptions, robberies and even kidnappings. This has led to a rising demand for regular safety insurance for accident and medical coverage as well as protection in the case of risky situations.

    Asia | 24 Jun 2019
  • Bangladesh: Health insurance for all citizens in the pipeline

    As Bangladesh works towards achieving universal health coverage and access to quality health care in accordance to UN's '2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development', the current government intends to introduce health insurance to the entire country and provide healthcare services for all.

    Asia | 24 Jun 2019
  • Increased public-private collaboration required to close the protection gap

    In order to close the protection gap that leaves emerging Asian countries most vulnerable to natural catastrophes, the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) has called upon the industry to accelerate public-private collaboration and action at the IDF Day held last week in Singapore during the annual Global Insurance Forum hosted by the International Insurance Society (IIS).

    Asia | 24 Jun 2019
  • Africa: Sub-Saharan region to add 1bn people by 2050

    With a projected addition of over 1bn people, countries of sub-Saharan Africa could account for more than half of the growth of the world's population between 2019 and 2050, and the region's population is projected to continue growing through to 2100, according to a forecast by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.

    Africa | 24 Jun 2019
  • Life insurance: Prepared for a digital future

    What's next for the life insurance industry? We got together industry experts from C-level executives, association heads to startup founders for a roundtable discussion organised in collaboration with 360F. There is much work to be done given the technological and societal changes. But life insurance agents continue to be as vital as ever, and the industry can face the future with confidence if it adapts to the new environment.

    Agents | 24 Jun 2019
  • Mutual microinsurance helps vulnerable communities: Study

    Mutual microinsurance has the potential to build financially literate, insurable and resilient communities, according a new study from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). For the first time, the study analysed how mutual microinsurance, a community-owned model of insurance, contributes to the recovery outcomes of low income households following a natural disaster. The CISL report was launched on 21 June 2019 at the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) in Singapore.

    Asia | 21 Jun 2019
  • Insurance Reimagined : Global Issues- Asian Insights

    The Global Insurance Forum featured a diverse delegation of executives, regulators, academics, and policymakers from all areas of the industry as well as regions from around the globe. Here are some key highlights from the distinguished list of speakers at the forum.

    Agents | 21 Jun 2019
  • What foreign players wish to see in opening up of financial sector

    As China's financial regulators reiterate pledges to open up the financial sector to more foreign investments, global bankers and economists are urging faster permits and unambiguous guidelines, reported Bloomberg.

    China | 21 Jun 2019
  • Shin Kong-HNA Life starts afresh as Dingcheng Life

    Shin Kong-HNA Life has received a new lease on life with a name change as it starts its second decade of operations. The Beijing headquartered insurer was renamed Dingcheng Life Insurance on 10 June.

    China | 21 Jun 2019
  • 'Noise' in China's healthcare databases impedes use of big data

    China's healthcare professionals lead the rest of the world in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical diagnosis, says the 2019 Future Health Index published by the Netherlands based health technology company Royal Philips.

    China | 21 Jun 2019

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