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  • UK heatwave unlikely without human-caused climate change

    Scientists from South Africa, Germany, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, the USA and the UK have collaborated for a rapid scientific analysis to assess to what extent human-induced climate change altered the likelihood and intensity of the exceptional heat wave in July 2022 in UK.

    Asia Risk | 10 Aug 2022
  • Semiconductor industry supply chain risks

    A recent survey has found that the ramifications of the semiconductor industry supply chain crisis have been exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine. The semiconductor industry serves as a major driver in the global economy.

    Asia Risk | 10 Aug 2022
  • Solicitors urged to help stem the rising ransomware payments

    The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) UK and Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) UK have asked the solicitors' community to emphasise on the point that paying a ransom to cyber criminals will not keep data safe or be viewed by the ICO as a mitigation in regulatory action.

    Asia Risk | 10 Aug 2022
  • Landfills could soon be inundated with wind turbine blades

    Tens of thousands of wind turbine blades will end up in landfills by the end of the decade unless end-of-life programmes are established soon according to a new study End-of-life policy considerations for wind turbine blades led by the University of South Australia.

    Asia Risk | 10 Aug 2022
  • Credential stuffing attacks rising rapidly

    Credential stuffing is emerging as a significant and rapidly growing cyber threat to personal information according to international data protection and privacy authorities.

    Asia Risk | 10 Aug 2022
  • Climate catastrophes are being ignored

    The worst possible climate change catastrophic scenarios, including collapse of society or the potential extinction of humans are being ignored according to a group of global scientists.

    Asia Risk | 10 Aug 2022
  • Reinsurance: Munich Re posts profit of US$1.4bn for 1H2022

    Leading global reinsurer Munich Re generated a profit of EUR1,376m ($1,409m) in the first six months of 2022 and EUR768m in the second quarter.

    Asia | 10 Aug 2022
  • $170bn premiums at risk due to poor claims

    Poor claims experiences could put up to $170bn of insurance premiums at risk in the next five years according to a new report by professional services company Accenture.

    AIRPlus | 08 Aug 2022
  • InsurTech funding recovers in Q2

    A report published by reinsurance broker Gallagher Re states that global investment in the InsurTech sector of $2.41bn in Q2 2022 was 8.3% greater than the total in Q1, but still 50.2% below 2021's record-breaking second quarter.

    AIRPlus | 05 Aug 2022
  • Reinsurance: Swiss Re launches new investment advisory company

    Global reinsurance giant Swiss Re has launched a new investment advisory company and wholly owned subsidiary Swiss Re Insurance-Linked Investment Advisors Corporation (SRILIAC), a SEC-registered investment adviser.

    Asia | 05 Aug 2022

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