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  • Digital transformation of property and life insurers expected to diverge

    The digital transformation of property insurance will be different from that of life insurance, say respondents to a poll on technology in insurance. They also believe that life insurance companies and property insurance companies will apply InsurTech in significantly different ways.

    China | 16 Aug 2019
  • 6 in 10 mainland Chinese consumers prefer digital insurance channels

    Around 60% of consumers in mainland China prefer to engage with their life insurers on digital channels over physical ones, according to data released by market research firm Forrester.

    China | 16 Aug 2019
  • Loss making online insurer seeks capital increase

    Major insurance group Taikang Insurance Group plans to double the registered capital of its online-only insurance subsidiary Tk.cn Insurance.

    China | 16 Aug 2019
  • Insurance execs say InsurTech should be implemented gradually

    Insurance professionals in China say that combining technology with core insurance functions lines such as actuarial work and underwriting will take time. For this reason, they believe that in the early stages, InsurTech should be applied gradually, with more innovations being carried out as data are accumulated.

    China | 16 Aug 2019
  • InsurTech fundamental to the future of China's insurance industry

    KPMG China recently collaborated with ZhongAn FinTech Institute to publish a report on China's rapidly growing InsurTech marketplace.

    AIRPlus | 14 Aug 2019
  • Live life

    Janashakthi Insurance, a private life player in Sri Lanka, has launched 'Live Life,' a preventive approach to life insurance in partnership with lifestyle, health and fitness app ayubo.life.

    AIRPlus | 14 Aug 2019
  • Hong Kong: 4 in 10 consumers prefer digital insurance channels

    Around 40% of consumers in Hong Kong prefer to engage with their life insurers on digital channels over physical ones; while tech giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung are becoming the companies that consumers in Hong Kong trust to act in their best financial interests, according to new data released by market research firm Forrester.

    Asia | 14 Aug 2019
  • What's new in the market - 9 Aug 2019

    Welcome to what's new this week, where we cover the low down on key developments in the insurance industry... But first of all, to everyone who calls Singapore home, Happy National Day! And to our Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Haji in advance.

    Agents | 09 Aug 2019
  • 70% believe that InsurTech will have a great impact on the insurance industry within 5 years

    A survey has found that 44% of interviewees think that InsurTech will bring significant changes to insurance companies in the next 3-5 years, while 26% believe that such changes will come in 1-3 years.

    China | 09 Aug 2019
  • Majority view InsurTech investments as less than what is needed

    A survey has found that 64% of respondents believe that current investments in InsurTech are less than what the insurance industry needs.

    China | 09 Aug 2019

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