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  • 9 in 10 business leaders say equipment failure risk is a major concern

    A FM Global survey of CEOs of Fortune 500 size companies shows that majority of CEOs feel that equipment failure risk is rising, consequences could be serious, and internet connections raise spectre of cyberattacks on industrial equipment.

    Asia Risk | 20 Nov 2019
  • Climate Change impacts children's health adversely

    The health effects of climate change will be unevenly distributed and children will be among those especially harmed, according to a new study report published in the medical journal The Lancet.

    Asia Risk | 20 Nov 2019
  • 7 in 10 health experts believe patients would share data in return for reduced premiums

    Digital health, or HealthTech, is a rapidly growing segment that is expected to be worth billions of dollars in the coming years. The speed of digitalisation in the healthcare sector will undoubtedly force all market players to rethink their approach. Insurers are an integral stakeholder in the healthcare sector and digitalisation would lead to new ways of interaction with customers.

    AIRPlus | 20 Nov 2019
  • Singapore: AIA and WhiteCoat expand partnership on telemedicine services

    Singapore-headquartered digital healthcare provider WhiteCoat has expanded its partnership with AIA Singapore to provide policyholders access to affordable on-demand telemedicine services on their mobile devices.

    Agents | 19 Nov 2019
  • Start-up insurance scheme launched by PICC and China Pacific

    The eastern city of Hangzhou, which is the capital of prosperous Zhejiang Province, has launched a start-up insurance scheme which offers up to CNY10m ($1.42m) to cover research and development costs in the event of the failure of a start-up project.

    China | 15 Nov 2019
  • Thailand: Insurers can be doing more with IT

    While insurers in Thailand are paying more attention to online distribution, the market regulator believes there is more which can be done online to improve operations.

    Asia | 15 Nov 2019
  • Adding value to the reinsurance model

    Munich Re is best known for a couple of things: Being one of the world's biggest reinsurers; and being at the forefront of exploring the possibilities of technology in insurance. We caught up with Hermann Pohlchristoph on the sidelines of Les Rendez-Vous de Septembre to talk about growth, Asia and positive momentum on pricing.

    AIRPlus | 14 Nov 2019
  • PARIMA Kuala lumpur 2019 Conference - "Redefining Risks" Highlights

    The 2019 conferences of the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association (PARIMA) concluded with the final conference in Kuala lumpur on 5 November 2019. The theme for 2019 was 'Redefining Risks'.

    Asia Risk | 13 Nov 2019
  • Sixty percent of Asian population is at risk from lack of cooling

    Asia has the largest share of its population at high risk from a lack of cooling - close to 60% - as climate change continues to increase global temperatures. Globally, over a billion people face threats to their health because they lack cooling methods.

    Asia Risk | 13 Nov 2019
  • The issue with sustainable finance

    There is a big gap between talk and action when it comes to sustainable finance, and the main cause of that is a lack of clear definition of what it actually is, said Microsoft chief environmental officer Dr Lucas Joppa during a panel at the Singapore FinTech Festival this morning.

    Asia | 12 Nov 2019

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