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  • Malaysia: Takaful and FinTech associations promote Takaful-Tech

    The Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) to spur the adoption of FinTech among takaful players in the country in line with Bank Negara Malaysia's Financial Sector Blueprint (FSB) to advance the digitalisation of the financial sector.

    Middle East | 22 Sep 2022
  • Simultaneous climate events risk damaging interlinked socioeconomic systems

    The cascading effects of extreme weather - such as recent heat waves which combine heat and drought - and the interconnectedness of critical services and sectors has the potential to destabilise socioeconomic systems according to a new study.

    Asia Risk | 21 Sep 2022
  • Australia: Mental health of youth improves despite COVID

    The mental health and wellbeing of young Australians has dramatically improved, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic according to a new analysis from The Australian National University (ANU).

    Asia Risk | 21 Sep 2022
  • Natural disasters can wreak havoc on our brain

    New research has revealed that natural catastrophes may trigger or exacerbate attacks of incapacitating migraine in disaster victims.

    Asia Risk | 21 Sep 2022
  • Over-confidence in cyber risks is costly

    Senior corporate financial officers may be overconfident about their companies' ability to handle cyber security issues according to a new survey.

    Asia Risk | 21 Sep 2022
  • New dataset for physical risk exposure scores launched

    S&P Global Sustainable1 has launched an enhanced Physical Risk Exposure Scores and Financial Impact dataset to support companies, investors, governments and other stakeholders as they seek to understand and manage the physical and financial exposure of corporates and portfolios to climate change.

    Asia Risk | 21 Sep 2022
  • India: Digit Insurance IPO proposal suspended by regulator

    The Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI), has kept a proposed initial public offering (IPO) from Go Digit General Insurance (Digit Insurance) on hold, according to a document on the markets regulator's website.

    Asia | 21 Sep 2022
  • Over 70% of global agriculture threatened by heat stress

    By the year 2045 almost three quarters of the world's current food production will face extreme risks from heat stress.

    Asia Risk | 14 Sep 2022
  • Financial support for fossil fuels doubled in 2021

    Overall government support for fossil fuels in 51 countries increased from $362bn in 2020 to $697bn in 2021 according to a new analysis by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

    Asia Risk | 14 Sep 2022
  • Power sector faces new risk landscape

    Risk managers in the power sector face an entirely new risk landscape brought about by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global inflation, the energy transition and climate change.

    Asia Risk | 14 Sep 2022

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