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  • Japan: PwC outlines 10 imperatives for the insurance industry

    In today's fast-changing environment, Japanese insurers must continue to transform in order to maintain competitiveness and grow globally, says the international professional services firm PwC.

    Asia | 12 Jun 2024
  • Korean insurance market at a crossroads

    Korea's insurance market has seen a lot of growth and innovation over the past few years, but there is still work to be done to improve the underlying health of the industry. Munich Re's Messrs Roland Eckl and Michael Hauer elaborate.

    AIRPlus | 06 Jun 2024
  • Climate change could become the main driver of biodiversity decline

    Climate change and land-use change could become the main drivers of biodiversity decline by mid-century according to a new study.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Almost 85% of supply chains can't respond to disruptions in 24 hours

    A new global survey of 1,800 supply-chain leaders has revealed that average response time for supply chains to respond to disruptions is five days, hindering progress on resiliency and risk mitigation.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Safety and risk management infrastructure expanded

    The UK P&I Club (protection and indemnity) has expanded its safety and risk management remit to provide its members with resources and guidance to help them navigate increasingly complex risk environments.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Climate change: Getting harder to find meteorites in Antarctica

    Even rocks from space are not immune to climate change. Antarctica has yielded around 60% of some 80,000 meteorites that the scientists have collected to date, however, the melting ice of the continent is taking most of the meteorites there into deep waters of the ocean.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Vulnerability exploitation surged by nearly 3X in last one year

    The 17th-annual data breach investigations report (DBIR) by Verizon has found that ransomware and the meteoric rise of extortion techniques accounted for a third (32%) of all breaches in last one year.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Accelerated warming of Indian ocean predicted

    The Indian Ocean is expected to experience accelerated surface warming of 1.4 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius between 2020 and 2100, which will push it into a near-permanent heatwave state. It will also intensify cyclones, affect the monsoon and lead to a rise in sea levels according to a new study.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Business leaders in Asia identify political risk as biggest threat

    In Asia, one in three business leaders reported that political risk was the biggest threat to their business this year.

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024
  • Climate change creates a 'cocktail' of serious health hazards

    A 'staggering' number of workers, amounting to more than 70% of the global workforce, are likely to be exposed to the climate-change-related health hazards, include cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses, kidney dysfunction and mental health conditions..

    Asia Risk | 08 May 2024

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