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  • As cyber threats rise, financial firms need better safeguards

    Cyber security is a threat to financial stability and regulators and supervisors must act now to strengthen the prudential framework according to a recent survey of 51 countries by International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • Clarity needed for businesses to achieve greenhouse gas mitigation

    Despite efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, companies are not set up for success due to conflicting national and sectorial targets and differing availability of abatement options according to a new study.

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • Cyber risk predictions for 2024

    While as anticipated, fraudulent instruction incidents were down 15% for the year 2023, however, business email compromise (BEC) was up 18% year over year across industries, returning to levels seen in 2020 and 2021 according to a new report on cyber trends for 2024 by specialty insurer Beazley.

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • Heatwaves milder but deadlier in long term

    The most extreme heatwaves have the greatest short-term impact on mortality, but it is the mildest ones that claim most victims over time because they are more common according to a study conducted in India.

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • Overhunting and habitat loss put migratory animals in peril

    Migratory animals that cross national borders and frequently congregate at predictable way stops, are uniquely vulnerable to human predation, pollution and habitat loss according to a new report by the UN.

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • One in five people have considered committing insurance fraud

    One-in-five respondents in a survey said they had at least considered committing insurance fraud. Half of these said they had gone through with their plans, while 30% of respondents said they knew someone who had at least considered committing insurance fraud.

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • Increasing air pollution may spur risk of suicides

    Heavy air pollution from traffic, factories, coal-fired power plants and home heating can increase the risk of suicide according to a new study.

    Asia Risk | 21 Feb 2024
  • India: Self-reporting of mental health disorders less than 1%

    A recent study has revealed concerning trends in reporting mental disorders in India. Self-reporting rates for mental health problems were found to be remarkably low.

    Asia Risk | 14 Feb 2024
  • London needs to do much more to face extreme weather

    The city of London is underprepared for the impact of extreme weather events caused due to climate change according to a new study by a climate research group.

    Asia Risk | 14 Feb 2024
  • Global warming exceeded benchmark for the first time

    The year 2023 marks the first time on record that every day within a year exceeded 1°C above the 1850-1900 pre-industrial level for that time of year according to European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service.

    Asia Risk | 14 Feb 2024

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