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  • Cycling for a healthy future

    ...Employees of Liberty General Insurance cycled through the busy streets of Mumbai to create awareness on the importance of following traffic rules and the dangers of increasing air pollution....

    Source : AIRPlus | 16 Jul 2019
  • G20 countries continue to support production and consumption of fossil fuels

    ...The G20 governments continue to provide billions of dollars for the production and consumption of fossil fuels. These nations had, however, in their 2009 Pittsburgh summit decided to phase out subsidies to fossil fuels....

    Source : AIRPlus | 16 Jul 2019
  • Six drivers of industry change

    ...Speaking at the 7th Asia Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference, NMG Consulting partner Roshan Perera talked about the changes that are sweeping across the industry. He began by highlighting some of the more prominent themes within the different regions....

    Source : AIRPlus | 16 Jul 2019
  • The moment of truth

    ...Religare Health, a private health insurer in India, has taken the initiative to create awareness among its customers and the general public about the benefits of its health insurance policy....

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 Jul 2019
  • Rural water quenches ever-thirsty cities

    ...As urbanization increases and cities continue to expand, they suck up ever more water. This exacerbates the effect of climate change and threatens to create a 'parched and deserted' rural hinterland....

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 Jul 2019
  • Good news, bad news for Vietnam

    ...Last year was a good one for Vietnam as a whole - with GDP growth over 7% - the strongest result in over a decade....

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 Jul 2019
  • Assurance through data

    ...This week, we speak to Assurant president, Asia Pacific Manfred Schmoelz on the importance of data, warranties and telematics....

    Source : AIRPlus | 11 Jul 2019
  • 'Hospital ships' help Bangladesh adapt to climate change

    ...Floating hospitals, run by a non-governmental organization (NGO) and equipped with medical facilities, paramedics and doctors, provide free treatment in the river islands (chars) of Bangladesh....

    Source : AIRPlus | 11 Jul 2019
  • Technology is top risk for Asian insurers

    ...According to a report by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) and PwC, technology tops the list of risks in 2019 that insurers need to look out for. Alongside other pressing risks such as cyber and regulation, the Insurance Banana Skins report surveyed 927 industry members across 53 territories, of which 36% were from Asia....

    Source : AIRPlus | 11 Jul 2019
  • How insurance helped win an election

    ...Insurance played a big role in re-electing the Modi government in India, with observers concluding that the numerous government-backed welfare and financial inclusion schemes had struck a chord with the electorate....

    Source : AIRPlus | 10 Jul 2019

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