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  • Law enforcement is ineffective in the cyber space

    ...The most recent data from the FBI shows that they have arrested some 0.6% of all cyber criminals active globally and that they are struggling to keep up with the new threats and risks that are emerging every day. "We have to look at how we do things differently," said INTERPOL's assistant director of the Innovation Centre Directorate Doug Witschi....

    Source : AIRPlus | 21 May 2019
  • Ageas sets its sights on the future

    ...Ageas has formulated a three-year strategic plan with a focus on the future. The strategy, Connect21, was first unveiled in September last year and more details have finally been released in Ageas's business report for 2018....

    Source : AIRPlus | 21 May 2019
  • A change in mind-set is needed

    ...Insurance has been accused of being old-fashioned, traditional and risk averse. Despite attempts over the last few years to go digital with big data and analytics, AI and whatever else there is, that statement still applies....

    Source : AIRPlus | 21 May 2019
  • Podcast: The cyber risk landscape in Asia

    ...In this episode of the Asia Insurance Review (AIR) podcast series, AIR deputy editor Ridwan Abbas invited cyber risk & insurance experts, Paul Hadjy and Ronak Shah, to discuss the latest cyber threat environment in Asia and what small-and-medium sized business can do to be more cyber resilient....

    Source : AIRPlus | 16 May 2019
  • InsurTech booms in India

    ...InsurTech is gaining huge traction and acceptability in India and companies are today scaling up operations and tapping into new customer segments using new age technologies like blockchain, AI and IoT....

    Source : AIRPlus | 16 May 2019
  • Do you think self-driving cars bring down the cost of motor insurance?

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 May 2019
  • What do you see as the biggest barrier to collaboration between incumbent players and insurtechs?

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 May 2019
  • PakRe registers strong growth despite challenging conditions

    ...Pakistan Reinsurance Company (PakRe) released its statement of accounts for 2018 last month. Of particular note was the 34% surge in gross written premiums (GWP), rising from PKR8.04bn ($56.75m) in 2017 to PKR10.73bn last year....

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 May 2019
  • The insurance gap hasn't shrunk

    ...Cyclone Fani that devastated parts of India and Bangladesh in early May has again revealed a huge insurance gap in the South Asian region. The cyclone underscores the unpredictability of natural calamities and demonstrates that despite the pinpoint accuracy in tracking and predicting Nat CAT events, infrastructure remains woefully exposed to nature's onslaught....

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 May 2019
  • InsurTech bubble in the offing?

    ...There is an increasing appetite for InsurTech investments worldwide with the recent 1Q recording 85 deals with a total value of $1.42bn, according to Willis Towers Watson's quarterly InsurTech briefing....

    Source : AIRPlus | 15 May 2019

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