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Apr 2020

Business continuity amidst a pandemic

Brought to you by:  Sedgwick

The current COVID-19 situation has made the safety of our colleagues, our clients and their customers our number one priority. And we've been working hard to deliver our services and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Our increased use of virtual visits is just one way we’re achieving this.

We’re replacing as many traditional physical on-site adjuster visits as we can with a remote field adjuster alternative, that crucially still involves the technical expertise from our experienced colleagues.

So how does it work?

  1. Our adjuster decides if the loss is suitable for video streaming
  2. We contact the claimant and if they agree, the loss adjuster sends an SMS or email with a link to the system
  3. The link allows the customer to download an app to their own phone, tablet or device
  4. Once downloaded, the app will connect automatically to a videocall
  5. Our adjuster can use one of a number of features to get the information they need to assess the loss
  6. The client can delete the app once the online visit is finished

And why does it work?

  • Geolocation is an option to verify that the property is the insured’s
  • The client can use the zoom button and the device’s light for the best image quality
  • Pictures and videos are securely stored in the cloud and it’s compliant with GDPR
  • Screen sharing is an option to allow interaction with the insured
  • Our adjusters can draw over a picture to help describe and comment on the damage
  • We can add more participants to allow more experts to contribute in the assessment
  • And the same experienced loss adjuster is on the case to provide accurate and effective services

For the latest information on how Sedgwick is working in the current climate visit http://Sedgwick.com/coronavirus

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