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Jul 2014

Special Feature

India focus: To raise FDI limit or not

The election of a new central government in India has once again opened up the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) debate in the insurance sector with many stakeholders urging the government to allow 49% FDI, while others are opposing it. Does the industry need FDI or will FDI make any difference in current market dynamics? Also, will foreign partners be willing to invest additional capital in their JVs? We look at some of the challenges facing the industry in this regard. By Jimmy John

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Event cancellation - Kicking the challenges of global sporting events

Mr Andrew Duxbury of Munich Re explains the insurance environment of huge sporting events such as the current World Cup in Brazil, including underwriting assessment and sports disability insurance.

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Life feature: The US$41 tln gap and $2 tln prize

Speakers at the 5th Asia Life Insurance Summit shared that concern of the life sector has switched from the consequences of premature death to extended life, even in countries such as Vietnam.

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Life feature: Buying behaviour

Mr Stephen Collins of ReMark International shares their research findings which reveal that the key to growth in both the developed and emerging markets is to focus on buyer behaviour and purchase motivation.

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Business analytics focus: Unlock profits with smart business software

Business Analytics tools are software applications that extract, analyse and process the data spread across a company's corporate landscape. Mr Sandeep Rao of Einsights says the use of such tools almost always lead to higher productivity and the unlocking of profits.

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Investment feature: Opportunities for Asian insurers in ETFs

Ms Jane Leung of BlackRock says it is now time for Asia's insurers to discover the flexibility ETFs can bring to both tactical and core investment strategies.

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CFO's role today and tomorrow

While insurance CFOs continues to adjust and adapt to the challenging environment, they are increasingly expected to play a greater role in the overall management of the company, especially with the industry being in transition on many fronts.

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