Jul 2014

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Global News

New IT-based insurance for construction risks

Munich Re and RIB, a technical ERP software solutions provider for the construction industry, have signed an exclusive agreement to jointly develop the first global IT-based insurance product for large construction projects that covers elements of unplanned increase in construction cost.

Leading insurers will play greater role to tackle climate-related risks

Sixty-six Chief Executives of the world's leading insurers have confirmed their commitment to The Geneva Association's Climate Risk Statement - a set of guiding principles on the substantial role insurance can play in global efforts to tackle climate-related risks.

IIS launches Global 100 Stock Monitor

The International Insurance Society has launched its proprietary IIS 100 Global Stock Index Monitor. This service will be fully accessible to IIS members on a quarterly basis, providing a unique in-depth tracking of global insurance stock performance.

AIG: Peter Hancock to replace Benmosche who steps down as CEO on 1 Sep

Mr Robert H Benmosche, the CEO of AIG, has announced his resignation to be effective 1 September. Mr Peter D Hancock who heads AIG's Property/Casualty business and an executive vice president of AIG will succeed Mr Benmosche.

The Swedish Club returns a strong performance with $17 mln surplus

The Swedish Club registered a strong operating performance last year, returning a surplus of US$17 million, said Mr Lars Rhodin, its Managing Director, during his address to the Club's 142nd AGM.