Oct 2014

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Special Feature

Australian awards tribute: Victory salute

A victory salute to the winners of the 10th Australian Award organised by ANZIIF and AIR where the winners stand tall.

Actuarial feature for EAAC: What more can actuaries do?

In thinking about what else actuaries might do, it is perhaps worth revisiting the reason why actuaries became so important to insurance, says Mr Sam Morgan and Mr Neil Cantle from Milliman

Actuarial feature for EAAC: Actuaries in the driver's seat: Why now is our time to lead

Mr Clement Lam of Sun Life Financial Asia looks at how actuaries can lead industry innovation by taking a more outward-looking perspective and embracing the broad thinking and people skills needed to be effective operators in large insurers.

Actuarial feature for EAAC: Actuaries - Going above and beyond traditional roles

Ms Farzana Ismail of Actuarial Partners Consulting identifies areas where the actuarial profession can add value.

IRFRC: Mortality Trends in Asia-Pacific (1950-2012)

Dr Andreas Milidonis from the Nanyang Business School, NTU provides additional insights into a project which seeks to construct mortality/longevity risk-sharing arrangements among market participants both in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Health insurance focus: Individual Private Medical Insurance - A golden ticket for intermediaries

Year on year, the individual private medical insurance market is growing exponentially; yet many brokers and intermediaries still have not dipped their toe into this lucrative market, says Mr Phil Austin of Cigna Global iPMI.

Organisational focus: Critical co-operation in a company

Mr David O'Brien of SCOR Global Life, Asia Pacific, gives examples on good teamwork delivering great solutions to problems faced by their clients.

Natural catastrophe: Asia - Mitigating diverse CAT risks

As Asia urbanises and its economies grow, so too do the risks it faces from natural perils. The 12th Conference on Catastrophe Insurance in Asia in Jakarta last month saw experts coming together to discuss ways to mitigate these ever-increasing risks.

Natural catastrophe: Windstorms - A rising threat?

It has been an active typhoon season so far this year. Mr Amer Ahmed of Allianz Reinsurance discusses the effects of climate change on windstorms and notes that urgent attention and work from all stakeholders, including insurers, is needed to counter these threats.

Natural catastrophe: A Solar Superstorm - What if?

Dr Foster Langbein of Risk Frontiers, Macquarie University shares the research done on solar flares, about near misses, the vulnerability of power transformers, worst-case scenarios and why insurers must consider severe space weather risk.

AEC feature: ASEAN Insurance Council: Facilitator of cooperation and collaboration

The ASEAN Insurance Council (AIC) aims to be a strong regional platform for the insurance industry as the region prepares itself for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Mr Vincent Kwo from the Council discusses this role and also shares the major activities which AIC is focussing on this year.