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Jul 2018


Life & health

The Geneva Association - Lifetime annuity income is the key to life

People are living longer than ever. Fertility rates are at a record low and projected to drop even further. Interest rates are at historic lows. So, what does the UK government do in response?  It reverses a mandatory annuitisation of Pillar II defined-contribution pension in the Freedom and Choice in Pension Act of 2014. The Geneva Association global ageing research programme director Ronald Klein elaborates.


Bangladesh farmers can now breathe easy

Bangladesh suffers largely from the vagaries of nature with frequent droughts, flooding and storms that take a heavy toll on the farming community, whose livelihood is affected causing extreme distress and social unrest. We speak to Messrs Arup Chatterjee and Md Mortaza Golam from ADB on the impact of the crop insurance scheme and the experiences from the market.

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Nat CAT: The worst is yet to come

With climate change bringing unprecedented Nat CAT intensity, the recent 16th Conference on Catastrophe Insurance in Asia organised by Asia Insurance Review was a stark reminder that the (re)insurance industry needs to stay vigilant and improve its offerings to combat Nat CAT risks.

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