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Aug 2018


Life & health

The diversity of markets

Japan and Australia may be mature markets but both represent growth markets for Zurich. Asia Pacific CEO Jack Howell discusses the need to have a balanced approach to business growth and the importance of viewing market participation for the long term.

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The new landscape for health insurers

Wellness not illness. Partnerships not patients. Changing societal trends are disrupting an age-old industry and health insurers are providing an ever-broadening array of services that sets them apart from other parts of the insurance industry.

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Spotlight on the Asian retirement industry

Asia is bracing for a storm of epic proportions — of a demographic nature. A significant number of markets across Asia are ageing. Different markets are in different phases of ageing – some unique insights from the Asia Retirement Study by LIMRA.

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The Geneva Association - Annuitisation: A solution for people outliving their retirement savings

Life expectancy is at a record high. Fertility rates are at a record low. The Geneva Association’s Ronald Klein discusses the place for annuitisation.

Mitigating the 'tsunami of chronic disease'

At the 1st Asia Employee Benefits & Insurance Conference in Singapore, a clarion call was made to the industry to empower employers in helping their staff manage their health better for everyone’s benefit.

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Global and diversified

The names of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett both became global brands in their own right many years ago. The story of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance is a little newer and begins in 2013.

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