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Oct 2018


Life & health

Combatting Asia's lifestyle disease epidemic

While some experts are warning of Asia being in the grip of a diabetes epidemic, a new wave of innovative insurance solutions is helping to address this critical area of societal risk.

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Golden soil and wealth for toil

Chatter ‘round the water cooler in insurance-related businesses in both Melbourne and Sydney is all about the Royal Commission. Should they be worried? Maybe.

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General: Marine

Making headway in port technology

As the global industry moves into a new era in which the IoT technology, AI and digitalisation form the backbone of business practices, advances in smart-port technology are beginning to encompass all transport platforms. Some expert insights from Munich Re chief executive of global marine partnership John Wilkinson.

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The new Achilles' heel of the marine industry

Cyber is the insurance class of the moment. Some insurers love it and cannot seem to write enough of it, while others hate it – citing unknown risk and potential aggregations as existential threats to the insurance industry as a whole. What is certain is that it is a very real new risk that all businesses and individuals are now exposed to that did not exist 25 years ago.


The worst flood in a century

In August, Kerala was devastated by floods of biblical proportions, caused by torrential rains over a three-week period resulting in close to 500 deaths and economic losses amounting to $5bn. We look at the factors behind this unprecedented natural calamity and how the insurance industry can deal with such events in the future.

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