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Sep 2019


Life & health

Life insurance: A noble business

The inaugural Agency Innovation Conference took place in Bangkok, Thailand in July with the theme of ‘Thriving in the Digital World’.

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Think Tank: The Geneva Association - Impact of marketing on Taiwan's life insurance industry

Investigating the impact of marketing channels on the corporate reputation and profitability of life insurers based on the evidence of bancassurance in Taiwan.

151-year-old seeks scrappy start-up for mutual benefits

Once upon a time we had ‘creative destruction’ and believed it was an integral part of the economic structure. Today, we have another buzzy term for it: Disruptive innovation. 

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Working towards better benefits for employees

Employers were urged to collaborate more with others in the healthcare and wellness ecosystem including insurers, third-party administrators and HealthTech partners at the 2nd Asia Employee Benefits & Insurance Conference in Singapore. 

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Genetic testing - an opportunity to improve patient experience

Some view it as an emerging risk for the (re)insurance industry while others see it playing an important role in patient care and disease management. 


Agriculture insurance needs a technology makeover

Many Asian economies are agrarian, and livelihoods are intricately linked to the agriculture segment which again is heavily dependent on the weather. With the weather playing truant we look at how technology can deal with some of the challenges the segment faces in the region.

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Cresting the next technological wave

Over the past year, the marine industry has adopted several new and popular technologies, such as IoT and cargo tracking. These technologies are not without their risks – and the risk management practices in the maritime industry are still struggling to catch up.

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Aviation growth in Asia: New technology and rising claims costs

According to the International Air Transport Association, Asia Pacific will be the biggest driver of aviation demand from 2015 to 2035, with more than half of the new passenger traffic coming from the region. 

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Future proofing talent in the insurance industry

We speak with General Insurance Association of Singapore’s talent and communications committee convenor and education and talent development workgroup chairman Craig Ellis on what it will take to secure the industry’s future workforce.

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