Sep 2019

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Rethinking risk in a time of climate change

The 2019 edition of the Global Risks Report identified natural disasters, extreme weather events, and failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation as the top five risks facing our world. 

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Risk and the workforce of the future

Many industries are facing a ‘skills gap’ as experienced workers head into the sunset of retirement, with some believing that technology can only partially replace such know-how. 

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Achieving viable disaster-risk financing

The Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM) held its 10th annual symposium in August, discussing successes and challenges in disaster-risk financing efforts across the globe.

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Polygenic risk scores: Quantifying the inheritability of common diseases

Significant and rapid progress in genetics research and data analytics is currently enabling an unprecedented expansion in science’s understanding of the genetic underpinnings of rare and common diseases. 

View from India

Short spells of extreme rainfall cause more damage

The impact of floods in India is set to get more devastating due to climate change and poor civic infrastructure. It would need a herculean effort to prevent the loss of lives and control the damage the floods inflict even as our vulnerability increases. 

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