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Apr 2020



Coronavirus - Event-cancellation insurance: Contingency planning

As COVID-19 continues its spread around the world, events are being cancelled. Many event-cancellation insurance (ECI) policies have exceptions for communicable diseases. 

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Coronavirus - COVID-19: A lesson learnt for marine insurers

Marine insurers could be considerably impacted and may change how they underwrite in an ever-evolving risk landscape according to IUMI’s Rama Chandran.

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Think Tank: The Geneva Association - Switching motivation and moral hazard

Empirical results from automobile physical damage insurance in Taiwan show that policyholders who switch to a new insurer early before their prior policy expires are more likely to file a claim in the last policy month.

Microinsurance in Asia

The results of a study to elicit responses from 112 regulated insurers providing microinsurance in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Life & health

Maintaining agency in the face of the coronavirus

COVID-19: Insurance agents still need to meet clients and prospective clients in order to do their job; certainly a challenge in the current climate.

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Agents and AI - fostering an alliance

Insurance advisers have to adapt in a world where AI is becoming a permanent fixture. 

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