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Jul 2020


COVID-19 will bring in technology-enabled but simple insurance

The coronavirus pandemic is shifting the focus of insurance online and making things simpler for customers. 

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Rethinking insurance cover during pandemics

Insurance plays a crucial role in times of crisis. Health insurance lessens the cost burden of the ill and the injured. Life insurance offers financial relief to the dependents of the deceased.

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A medium- to long-term approach to COVID-like events

Most catastrophic events have a disproportionately adverse impact on low-income people. 

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Coronavirus will catalyse innovation in insurance

Traditional insurance products are unable to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological ecosystems. 

The right communication strategy during the pandemic

All catastrophic events trigger panic and anxiety and at such times people look for communication that can reassure and provide authentic actionable information. 

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and claims

Australia: Claims-handling trends post-coronavirus

The impact of COVID-19 on the way people work and interact is already apparent – translating into a new way of doing things for handling claims.

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Singapore: Walking the talk for claims pay-outs

Singapore-based insurers have rolled out measures to offer life and health protection during COVID-19.  

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Hong Kong: Travel insurance accounts for large part of COVID-19-related claims so far

Hong Kong expects COVID-19 related claims to be fairly low key. 

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