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Aug 2020


Serving a world in quarantine

Three months in quarantine have affected the insurance industry significantly, with many customers relying on digital services to meet their daily needs – a reliance that many analysts expect to continue as the world returns to the streets. 

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APAC insurers stand strong, but need to stay vigilant

The results of a global stress test for APAC-rated insurers is discussed together with some of the themes affecting the region.

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How 19 affects 17

COVID-19 has had a direct impact on the global economy and the financials of companies across the world. How the coronavirus will affect IFRS17 implementation remains to be seen. 

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A defining moment for InsurTech

How will the general economic headwinds caused by COVID-19 affect InsurTech? Will investors cut back their funding and take the wind out of InsurTech sails? 

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Policy evolution post-COVID-19

After COVID-19, insurance policies will no longer look the same. We look at how conventional insurance covers will be adapted to the new work environment. 

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'Back to office' strategies of APAC insurers

As containment measures have eased, insurers are reviewing their ‘back to office’ strategies while fears of a second COVID-19 wave grow. 

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Mitigating work-from-home employee liability risks

More that 50% of companies in Asia Pacific are likely to include telecommunicating as an essential work arrangement option for the remainder of this year.

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South Asia: Getting back to work

We speak to senior company executives from five markets in the region to see how they plan to reopen.

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