Oct 2020

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Country Profile


Optimism in the face of adversity

Life insurers in Indonesia were hit hard by the pandemic, continuing a downward trend that started a few years ago.

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Regulator issues timely guidance

Indonesia’s regulator responds to several high-profile payment default cases in the insurance sector, as well as challenges posed by the pandemic.

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Double trouble for Indonesian reinsurers

Indonesia has historically been plagued by natural disasters, and now it has to deal with COVID-19 as well. What does this mean for reinsurers?

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InsurTechs get great support from regulator

Few areas of the insurance world are emerging unscathed from the coronavirus pandemic and one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the fate of InsurTechs – and whether they will be net winners or losers from the disruption. 

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General insurers adapt to challenging times

Indonesia’s general insurance sector saw consistent growth before the COVID-19 pandemic struck - the industry now faces new challenges.