Oct 2020

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Tokyo 2021: The risks facing the Olympics

Since the revival of the modern games in 1896, the Olympics have had to cope with a range of risks. In 2020, that list expanded when the Tokyo Games was postponed due to COVID-19.

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Emerging risks from the digital realm

As business continues to move towards a remote-office environment, online connectivity is more important than ever. With that increased reliance on the internet comes an increased risk in the cyber sphere.

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Property risk in a post-pandemic economy

Asia was the first region to confront COVID-19 and its businesses the first to confront unparalleled stress on property assets, supply chains, technology infrastructure and people. 

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The Geneva Association - From risk transfer to prevention services

A study from The Geneva Association and the Insurance IoT Observatory looks at the transformation of traditional insurance risk transfer to technology-driven risk reduction and prevention services.

Existing cyber security concerns grow

As the world shifts to a more virtual basis during the COVID-19 pandemic, new risks relating to the security of online data are emerging. 

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