Oct 2020

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Emerging from COVID-19

The only way is up

We take a look at some Asia-Pacific markets that are already planning for life after the pandemic – putting in place the building blocks for the next phase of growth and development of the sector as a whole. 

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Japan: The stability of a mature market

Japan’s insurance industry is mature and experienced, and it has managed to cope well with the challenges created by COVID-19. 

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India: The path to resilience

What should be the strategy of the Indian industry to survive and grow in the post-COVID-19 era? 

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Hong Kong: A future in digital adoption and health

Expect to see greater digital adoption and a focus on health products as insurers in Hong Kong look to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

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Philippines: The fight to become more relevant

The Philippines insurance market has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently preparing itself to face the future in a more ‘relevant’ manner. 


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Singapore: Pandemic presents new lease of life to insurers

 Singapore’s life insurance sector faces a gloomy outlook due to social distancing measures and a recession-hit economy. 


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