Dec 2020

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Think Tank - The Geneva Association: An Investigation into the Insurability of Pandemic Risk

The Geneva Association discusses the insurability of pandemic risk from the insurance industry’s perspective. 

Liability insurance now begins at home

While the pandemic has impacted the world in several deleterious ways, it has also opened up possibilities for insurers to exploit. Work-from-home is an area that creates new risk scenarios and hence, has immense potential for innovative insurance products. 

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An emphasis on digital

QBE has had a good year, despite COVID-19 hitting the business hard.

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The future of driving

Two Singaporean businesses – car marketplace Carro and insurer NTUC Income – partnered to launch the nation’s first usage-based motor insurance product to accommodate car owners’ needs. 

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Clean and green

The move towards clean, renewable energy has become a global goal over the past few years and as the hardening insurance market continues to affect the oil and gas sector, insurers have a better chance than ever to sway the world towards a greener future. 

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The fight against fraudulent claims

With insurance fraud being a significant risk faced by the insurance industry, the General Insurance Association SIngapore offers insights into how industry players are combatting it.

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Life & health

COVID-19 - a pre-existing disease?

Can insurers strike a balance between onboarding those infected by COVID-19 and their own sustainability without bringing COVID-19 into the category of pre-existing disease?

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Making mental health a corporate responsibility

Mental health is a risk that has been underestimated for a long time and threatens to grow in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.  

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Mental health: Little understood and often ignored

Mental health illnesses are poorly understood and generally ignored. What do Indian insurers offer to the country’s mentally ill? 

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Navigating Asia Pacific life insurance and retirement trends

In the high-growth environment that is the life insurance and pensions market, insurers need to make sure they fully understand their customers in order to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.

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