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Sep 2021



Coal industry being hauled over the coals

As major insurers and reinsurers refuse to cover new coal projects, global coal companies are considering setting up a mutual insurance company to cover their mining projects and other operations. 

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Insurance growth may lie with low-income women

Insurance providers are missing out on a major untapped market – one that not only makes good business sense, but also presents an opportunity to build broader economic resilience and support women’s economic empowerment.

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Life & health

The ABC of HSBC and AXA

Newspaper headlines were abuzz in August with the news that HSBC Insurance had pitched to buy AXA Singapore for $575m. But why? We spoke to HSBC Life’s Mr Bryce Johns to understand where its future focus will be.

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The business of saving

A recent white paper revealed that 71% of customers plan to save more, but while 73% saw the benefits and importance of insurance, more than nine out of 10 surveyed still planned to save with banks.

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