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Feb 2022


Life & health

A technological boost

The insurance industry is racing to be at the very cutting-edge of technology, taking various paths to the finish line.

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Marine and supply chain - Supply-chain risk management strategy needed

In order to stay competitive and relevant, risk management has to be an essential component of the global supply-chain network.

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Marine and supply chain - Autonomous ships ahoy?

As technology evolves and present-day ships are transformed into autonomous ones, what are the likely risks that this advancement will entail?

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Drones and insurance of persons and property

Global growth in the use and deployment of unmanned aircraft as well as the technology underpinning their scope and operation is delivering enormous opportunity and economic advantages.

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Surety insurance: A boost for infrastructure projects

With the publication of surety insurance guidelines, a whole new market has opened up for Indian insurers.

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The Indian market continues to stay resilient

Speakers at the 15th India Virtual Rendezvous held in January were unanimous in their views that the Indian insurance market will continue to remain resilient.

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The Geneva Association - Insuring hostile cyber activity: In search of sustainable solutions

Ransomware and supply chain attacks in particular have become more prolific since the onset of the pandemic and with them wider recognition of the potential for large-scale economic disruption from malicious cyber incidents.