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Apr 2022


Life & health

Banks continue to deliver

Bancassurance channels have been a mainstay for Asian insurers for many years now, with deals getting bigger each year and it remains a growing segment for life insurers.

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Holistic approach to corporate mental health

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety and depression have spiked in the workplace.

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Insurers downsize in Hong Kong over staffing issues

Nearly 30% of Hong Kong’s international insurers are contemplating downsizing their operations due to a shortage of talent, according to a recent survey by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers.

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The Geneva Association - Gig economy work: Mind the protection gaps

Today’s workers increasingly offer their services through digital platforms that match them to customers on a per-service (‘gig’) and on-demand basis. A new Geneva Association report outlines how insurance can evolve to meet the needs of this new class of worker.

How innovation in insurance can close the protection gap

A look at bite-sized insurance that covers the daily commute, apps that help people build their protection and a digital-adviser to guide customers through their small claims process.

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New technologies for insurers

There are only a few touchpoints between most customers and their insurance company, typically when a claim is made and during annual policy renewal.

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Insurers can help sustain cyber hygiene

Cyber insurance is gradually evolving into a comprehensive cyber risk management tool and it can help insurers to provide insureds a better service and better value for money.

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