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Sep 2022


SIRC: Inflation implications for reinsurance

The full agenda for this year’s Singapore International Reinsurance Conference is taking shape under the steady guidance of the Singapore Reinsurers’ Association.

India: Pros and cons of obligatory cessions

Are obligatory cessions to domestic reinsurers protectionist? Asia Insurance Review spoke with Asian Re’s Mr Anil Sant for some insights.

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Nepal: Reinsurance challenges and solutions

Himalayan Re’s Mr Chandrasekaran Ramamurthy tells us about the challenges and solutions for the growing Nat CAT events for the Himalayan nation’s reinsurance industry.

Harnessing the power of data

We sat down with Swiss Re’s Ms Monami Mukherjee to get her perspective on the future of data and technology, and how it is affecting P&C.

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APAC reinsurance in focus

As the reinsurance industry enters the ‘conference season’ of the last half of the year, we offer a roundup of some of the keenest insights into the development of the sector in the region.

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