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Sep 2022



Electric Vehicle Insurance - Singapore: EV insurance gains popularity but lacks scale

Insurers in Singapore have sold more electric vehicle insurance products in the past year. However, the nascent electric vehicle market in the country remains small and that makes it challenging for insurers to lower the price of premiums.

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Electric Vehicle Insurance: View from India - India: Are insurers ready for electric vehicles?

As the era of electric vehicles begins in India, how prepared is the insurance industry to handle the new risk?

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Electric Vehicle Insurance - Philippines: Lack of EV claims data a concern

The Philippines recently brought in a law seeking to regulate and develop the electric vehicles segment and motor insurers are upbeat about the opportunities ahead.

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Electric Vehicle Insurance - South Korea: EV insurance playing catch-up

South Korea is slowly ramping up on electric vehicle usage, with insurance purchases following suit.

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Electric Vehicle Insurance - EVs in Australia, China and Hong Kong

We offer a snapshot of the uptake of electric vehicle insurance, in line with the adoption of electric vehicles themselves.

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Hong Kong regulator faces challenges retrieving missing funds

Despite efforts to take over the management of Target Insurance, Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority’s appointed managers under Deloitte could not recover missing funds from alleged fraudulent activities.

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Securing the NFT market

Riding on the popularity of cryptocurrency, many companies, artists and celebrities have released their own unique NFT collections for sale over the past year. However, with the value of NFTs rising, so has the cyber-crime activity around them.

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Ensuring resilient economies through insurance

Insurance plays a role in promoting sustainable economic development. It has a direct impact on at least six sustainable development goals defined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Bangladesh insurers face climate change test

Bangladesh is the seventh most vulnerable country to natural disasters, hence the urgent need for insurers to develop climate risk insurance products.

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India: Climate change and insurers

How is the Indian general insurance industry preparing to meet the challenge of climate change? We talk to industry veterans about how insurance can provide better cover.

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Life & health

Life insurance adapts to climate change

Dictated by climate change, insurers are exploring innovative ‘green’ solutions to serve consumers better. How far will the industry be successful in developing climate-change-proof products?

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Driving offline success in an online world

Speakers at the Insurance Inspired 2022 virtual event highlighted that staying abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations can help companies.

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