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Jun 2023



COVID-19 a boon for motor insurers

Motor insurance was one of the lines of business that was most affected during the COVID-19 lockdowns. We take a look at the numbers and find out what has happened to motor insurance.

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Cross-border opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

Now that the COVID restrictions have finally been lifted, we take a look at what the opened borders will mean for motor insurance.

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How technology is impacting the motor insurance sector

Like the motor manufacturing sector, the motor insurance sector has been employing more and more technology into its processes, from purchasing, to claims assessment and settlement.

How motor insurers are setting themselves apart

The COVID years were a great challenge for insurers to maintain profitability and many began to look into different avenues to protect their bottom line and differentiate themselves from the rest.

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High quality data required to combat motor fraud

The use of AI technology to detect fraud has helped insurers flag suspicious motor claims and detect fraud.

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View from India - Why India has not adopted usage-based motor insurance

Several non-life insurers in India have introduced usage-based motor insurance covers, however, these haven’t found favour with customers.

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Insurers need to do more on climate change

Many countries in Asia Pacific are gearing up to tackle climate change and achieve their national net-zero targets.

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Staying ahead of the AI challenge

AI and blockchain are increasingly being adopted by the insurance industry worldwide and are expected to have implications for the business as well as current and future manpower needs.

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Life & health

Financial education is essential for emerging markets

Emerging markets are driving rapid economic growth in Southeast Asia. Significant health and retirement protection gaps pose many opportunities for insurers to build awareness and scale.

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Asia needs more data integration to improve healthcare

Speakers at the 18th Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance discussed how they can still work towards improving access to medical care despite the challenges.

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ESG and AI: The tipping points for health insurance in Asia?

What will get the younger generations in Asia more excited about health insurance?

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