Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

Sep 2022

Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

Hong Kong regulator faces challenges retrieving missing funds


Despite efforts to take over the management of Target Insurance, Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority’s appointed managers under Deloitte could not recover missing funds from alleged fraudulent activities.

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Nepal: Reinsurance challenges and solutions


Himalayan Re’s Mr Chandrasekaran Ramamurthy tells us about the challenges and solutions for the growing Nat CAT events for the Himalayan nation’s reinsurance industry.

Insurers facing persistent profit challenges


Listed insurers in Malaysia have started the year by posting near double-digit GWP growth in the first three months of 2022, but they continue to face profitability challenges due to volatility on the investment front.

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  • Magazine article aboutChina-Handle-with-care

    China: Handle with care

    China seems to have been in the headlines more and more in recent months, and not always for the most positive reasons.




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  • Magazine article aboutMaking-insurers-more-efficient

    Making insurers more efficient

    There is no shortage of service providers to the insurance industry boasting that they can offer primary players efficiencies in their operations through the smart application of technology.

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  • Mortgage insurers well placed to ward off gloom

    When it comes to the mortgage insurance sector, risks matter. And for anyone involved in mortgage-markets in Australia, risks have been mounting at a rapid clip in recent months.


  • New insurance investor guidelines in Australia

    The Financial Services Council (FSC) and its fund management members are leading the transition to a lower emissions economy following the release of guidelines that will help combat climate change and greenwashing.


  • Magazine article aboutCritical-illness-insurance-in-crisis

    Critical illness insurance in crisis

    China’s critical illness insurance line of business appears to be in a parlous state. After a healthy run for the last six years, 2021 saw a decline of 6% and the first half of 2022 saw a decline of over 30% business in this line.

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  • Market recovery momentum continues

    Based on data in 1H2022 and the expectation that the insurance market environment will improve in the second half, the industry is generally upbeat.


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