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Sep 2022

Unleashing your data's real potential

Brought to you by:  Milliman

A specially curated webinar led by Milliman US-based data analytics specialists

The life insurance industry has entered a new era where data is a valuable asset. But life insurers have been slow to integrate data from different sources, and lag behind other industries in knowing their customers and understanding their behavior. Only a few have realised significant gains from their data efforts ,with many usually falling short of intended goals or straggled by the confusion of responsibilities between IT and actuaries. End users of data spend frustratingly significant amount of time waiting for data to be integrated, formatted, cleaned, audited, and transferred. During the webinar, Milliman experts we will use our successful data transformation experience to cover the importance of having a robust data management plan and how you can enable streamlining of various tangible use cases for actuarial teams as well as data scientists.

The webinar will feature:

  • Current state of data management in the industry and corresponding issues
  • What does a good future state look like
  • Define and deploy a clear data strategy to move from the current to future state
  • Discuss examples of use cases benefiting from the transformation:
    • Automation of experience analysis
    • Enabling quicker ad-hoc data analytics
    • Allowing easy integration with new data sources

For a link to the webinar, please email maria.hon@milliman.com  

Profile of Presenters

David Wang
Principal & Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Seattle

David co-leads the Milliman Life and Annuity Predictive Analytics team. The team provides cutting edge advice to clients in modeling policyholder behavior, as well as using data analytics for marketing and distribution purposes. He has published numerous papers and articles on annuity and policyholder behavior topics and is frequently invited as a speaker at industry events. David also has extensive knowledge and experience in pricing, capital assessment, and financial reporting in the life insurance space.



Ben Johnson
Actuarial Data Scientist, Milliman, Chicago

Ben manages annuity policyholder behavior studies for Milliman’s Life and Annuity Predictive Analytics team. Milliman’s industry studies analyse large amounts of data collected from many participating companies, utilising predictive analysis alongside traditional actuarial methods. Having a well-defined and scalable process for handling data and fitting models allows Ben’s team to perform their studies quickly and reliably.



Kshitij Srivastava
Director of Technology, Milliman, Chicago

Kshitij is the technology lead for the Milliman Life and Annuity Predictive Analytics team. His current focus areas include data engineering, machine learning, data governance, DevOps and information security. As a technology lead, Kshitij has worked with Milliman's clients on various data management and transformation projects.




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