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  • MDRT Virtual Event Day 3: Vote for the Type of Person You Wish to Become

    Day 3 of MDRT Virtual Event centred on becoming a better version of ourselves. We bring you the highlights on becoming more resilient, becoming more focussed, and voting for the type of person you wish to become.

    Agents | 05 Aug 2020
  • InsurTech creating job opportunities during pandemic

    iassure, an InsurTech start-up is employing local residents from rural and semi urban communities to deliver insurance products through a digitally enabled platform.

    AIRPlus | 05 Aug 2020
  • Nearly half of coronavirus financial scams are not reported

    A new research study from Aviva has found that 22% of the people surveyed for the study have been targeted by suspicious communications (emails, texts and phone calls) which mentioned coronavirus and which they suspected to be a financial scam. This translates to around 11.7m people in the UK.

    Asia Risk | 05 Aug 2020
  • World could lose 20% of its economic output to coastal flooding by 2100

    A new research report published in the journal Scientific Reports has said that the world stands to lose around 20% of its economic output to coastal flooding by 2100 if the world continues to emit greenhouse gases at the current rate.

    Asia Risk | 05 Aug 2020
  • Air pollution leads to higher COVID-19 mortality

    Research scientists at University of Birmingham and University of Bern have uncovered a clear correlation between air pollution and cases of COVID-19.

    Asia Risk | 05 Aug 2020
  • Rising temperatures will cause more deaths than all infectious diseases

    A new study on climate change has predicted that the growing but largely unrecognised death toll from rising global temperatures will come close to eclipsing the current number of fatalities from all the infectious diseases combined if planet-heating emissions aren't constrained.

    Asia Risk | 05 Aug 2020
  • HSB consumer survey shows cyber crimes rising

    A new consumer survey by HSB Insurance has revealed that US consumers are worried about their data security as cases of identity theft, cyber-attacks and online fraud continue to rise. Also theft of personal information and stealing of millions of dollars is on the rise.

    Asia Risk | 05 Aug 2020
  • MDRT Virtual Event Day 2: The Best Ideas from Top Advisers

    MDRT Virtual Event Day two was filled with some of the best sales, presentation and management ideas from top advisers from all over the world. Check these out.

    Agents | 04 Aug 2020
  • Prepare for a record-high increase in global insolvencies

    The Covid-19 crisis will trigger a major acceleration in business insolvencies due to both the suddenness and historic size of the economic shock and its expected lasting effects, according to a study by Euler Hermes, one of the world's largest credit insurer.

    Agents | 04 Aug 2020
  • MDRT Virtual Event Day 1: Rising to the Challenge

    A common theme stood out for me as I attended Day 1 of the MDRT Virtual Event, paying attention to the various speakers. That theme was "Rising to the Challenge".

    Agents | 04 Aug 2020

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