Apr 2015

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Cover Story

Risk managers bulk up: From managers to strategists

There are many "Supermen" needed for a company to be successful and a risk manager is definitely one of them. Its role is ever-evolving and expanding at a very fast pace as the speed of changes in the marketplace accelerates continuously. In this Cover Story, several risk managers and insurers discuss the expectations, the challenges as well as ask the question if insurers can cover more speculative types of risks. We also hear from a risk manager of a major transport system as well as insurers who share risk management insights for construction sites and agri-inputs companies.

Bring on the bad news - the challenging role of a Risk Manager

How has the risk manager evolved? We look at the expectations of the modern risk manager, in the interests of aspiring risk executives and insurance professionals seeking a better partnership. By Chia Wan Fen

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Can insurers cover more speculative forms of risk?

Asia Insurance Review speaks to Telekom Malaysia's Chief Procurement Officer, Mr Mohamad bin Mohamad Zain, who has been instrumental in shaping his organisation's risk management culture. By Ridwan Abbas

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The risk manager as chief strategist

Singapore public transport operator SMRT Corporation won the Institute of Risk Management's pres-tigious Global Risk Awards in the category of "Delivering Value through Risk Management". We speak to Mr Ryan Tan, its Head, Strategy and Risk Management on his role. By Chia Wan Fen

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Filling the gaps in construction risks

Large construction sites are dynamic, constantly evolving places with a large variety of potential hazards. Despite significant efforts on the part of regulators, insurers and the construction industry itself, construction remains one of the most dangerous places in which to work with accidents and claims remaining a common occurrence. Mr Ben Hazelton of Generali Global Corporate and Commercial looks at some of the unique challenges construction teams face from a risk management perspective, and also discusses the role the insurer can play in helping the project team manage risk and prevent losses.

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Food matters - Calling for solution recipe

Frequent occurrences of extreme weather conditions in recent years have affected the whole agricultural supply chain and pose a challenge to meeting global food demand. Mr Gyana Ranjan Das of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions shares the reinsurer's innovative solutions to help players in the agricultural sector mitigate part of this risk.

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