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Jun 2016

General Insurance

Nat CAT - High protection gap highlights Asia's vulnerability to disaster risk

Total losses from disaster events in Asia contributed more than 40% of global losses in 2015. Industry experts discuss the major losses last year while highlighting the protection gap.

Nat CAT - Bridging the Nat CAT data gap

Singapore's Nanyang Technology University (NTU)'s Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM) introduces the Natural Catastrophe Data and Analytics Exchange (NatCatDAX) - an industry-led catastrophe and data analytics platform for Asia.

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Nat CAT - Legal Page: Nat CAT losses: Wide area damage

Legal experts identify examples of causation and coverage issues which could affect Nat CAT insurance claims in this region.

Lessons from Tianjin - A wake-up call for risk accumulation awareness

The warehouse explosions at the Chinese port of Tianjin on 12 August 2015 caused severe losses due in large part to risk accumulation. We review the lessons for the industry from the disaster.