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Apr 2019


Life & health

The Geneva Association - Moral hazard and long-term care insurance

The Geneva Association uses health and retirement study data from 1996 to 2014 to assess moral hazard in nursing home and home care use in private long-term care insurance. 

Your face as the ultimate wearable

If ‘the face is more honest than the mouth will ever be’, facial analytics may represent one the most significant of the emerging new technologies coming on stream for life insurance. 

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The health of health insurance is improving

The latest IRDAI annual report addresses the wide gap that exists between group and individual categories.

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General - Marine Special Feature

Navigating new waters

The marine industry remains the lifeblood of the global economy. Four marine experts discuss the new risks the marine industry should look out for.

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Underwriting in a hardening marine insurance market

A ‘hard’ marine insurance market is rarely seen and no one under 40 even knows what it looks like. This report from Markel International’s Matt Cannock.

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Singapore War Risks Mutual

War risks insurance is a required cover for ship owners trading their vessels and over the years there have been a number of national war insurance pools established. 

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Boom time for Indonesia

Indonesia’s insurance sector is seeing a welcome spurt of growth and the General Insurance Association of Indonesia is keeping a close eye on developments. Its chairman Dadang Sukresna talks about the outlook for the general insurance sector.

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